Nathalie Therbis Pähler

Hello there! My name is Nathalie, known for my artist name Therbis and Im a digital artist and illustrator from Germany. I was born in November 1992 in Dortmund and today live and work in Witten. Drawing almost constantly through school, teachers soon told me to educate in art and design which was what I did. After school I had a education for design with main topic print media. After finishing my eduaction I went on to art academy and studied illustration for another 4 years before successfully receiving my art diploma. Ever since I draw I have also been drawing for other people, way back for friends and school mates, later for strangers from the internet. Since 2013 I then found myself proven enough to call myself a professional artist. I am a fulltime freelance artist ever since. 2020 I fullfilled one of my long time wishes and published my own webcomic, Tainted Hearts which I had up and down for a couple of years but never had enough endurance to keep going. This time though, I found my perfect rhythm and still keep posting new pages to have my comics stories, which at this point in 2021 are even 3, being shown to the world.