• DemonDogs

    Founded in 2015, DemonDogs is the name of my textile line but also my charity event that I hosted once a year to collect money for good animal causes.

  • Commissions

    Since 2013, when I officially started working as a freelancing artist, I helped hundreds of clients to get their custom art pieces they´ve been looking for.

  • Webcomics

    I´m offering two free-to-read webcomic series, Tainted Hearts and The Devils Demons. Each got their own website and can be found in the webcomic tab.

  • Discord

    With over 500 users, my Discord server gives a lot of opportunities to chat, play, meet other artists and stay up to date with my art posts.

Professional Art

Hello there!
I am Therbis, an graduated graphics artist and illustrator from Germany who decided to work as a fulltime, freelancing artist in 2013. At that point I had already been taking commissions, though I never considered them professional until then.
No matter how long you are in the business, you will always meet clients who are afraid of artists silently leaving with their money in the anonymity of the internet. As proven by the high number of clients I had so far, I can state myself to be a trustworthy and competent professional artist who earned their reputation for good!

years freelancing
commissions since 2013
comic pages done
clients since 2013


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