Hello there!
I´m Nathalie Pähler, better known for my artist name Therbis.
I´m a fulltime freelance illustrator, designer and webcomic artist from Germany!

I´m a big fan of everything connected to dinosaurs, so getting myself into Paleoart was ideal for me and my inspirational flow.
Despite a lot of self taught skills, I actually went to an art school for a print design education, followed by studying illustration at an art academy.
In 2013 I started working independent, working for clients from all around the globe, some years later also picking up my long held dream of creating comics.

I currently got 2 webcomics that update every Friday and are free to read.
Those who like my work, want to support me or read some comic pages ahead of public, can visit my Patreon and see what tier they´d like to pick.