1. Since when are you making art?
I´ve always been drawing, from child legs on! Right after school I went to art school and followed other steps like it. I started art professionally in 2013.

2. Did you go to art school?
Yes, after finishing school I went for a designer education, followed by studying illustration and finishing it with a diploma. Most of the stuff I do today though, is self taught.

3. What programs are you working with?
I´m drawing in Paint tool SAI, working on backgrounds and painted pieces in Adobe Photoshop and cut videos in Abobe Premiere Pro.

4. What tablet are you using?
I use a Huion Camvas 22 pro.

5. Do you do payment plans for commissions?
I don´t offer them personally, but Paypal offers a part payment on invoices, so that will work on commissions of any price size!

6. What is your most used social site?
Twitter and Instagram are my most used social sites. If it´s about art sites, my go to site is DeviantArt!

7. Do you also make videos?
I do have a YouTube channel with a bunch of videos, though most of them are older as I more rarely get to create and post them.

8. Can I contact you with my question?
Of course! I´m always up for answering questions. Easiest is to contact me on Discord or other social medias!

9. Can we be friends?
Like many others, I keep this question greyed out. I think a friendship builds naturally, so randomly poking people asking for being friends out of nowhere feels rather uncomfortable to me.

10. Do you have a Discord?
I actually even got my own server that has already grown to a well sized art community.
If you want to write me personally, just search for Therbis!